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Consequently, the labor leader will require rethinking and forming a completely different, compared to performing, a set of competencies. And all they have to assist the Chief catalyze the process of execution of staff to NATO-led unit. Secret number 3. High effectiveness is achieved if and only if the director discloses the uses and their management talent: the ability to understand the talents of the performer, performers choose to perform the work required to ensure the talents and efficient work of different artists. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has much to offer in this field. Hire for attitude, train for skills required for effective leadership: ability to choose the right artist that has the talent required to achieve the objectives and perform the required work capacity to articulate what is expected of the performer, and what is the result of his of the ability to motivate the performer to the rational use of given resources to achieve the objective and timely execution of work ability and willingness to continuously develop the Executive to he had the power of new, previously has not solved the problem How to select performers? The traditional view is as follows: on the basis of their experience, intellect and aspirations. The best managers are advised as follows: based on talent (hidden or explicit) How formulate the task? The traditional view is as follows: step by step, painted all of the subordinate. The best managers are advised as follows: clearly define makes the results and provide an opportunity to find the optimal path As motivate subordinates? The traditional view is the following: helping them identify and overcome its shortcomings. The best managers are advised as follows: to focus on its strengths and motivations How to develop subordinates? The traditional view is: give him the opportunity to learn and advance in employment.. If you would like to know more then you should visit PCRM.