Clean Campaign

The car of the judge of the National Hearing Pablo Ruz in whom it processes to two police controls and a high position of the Department of the Interior at the time of minister of Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba by chivatazo of the case Pheasant is rampant the crossing of political accusations between PP and PSOE, right in the day in which the coordinator of the electoral strategy of the popular ones, Ana I kill, requested a responsible and clean campaign to oppose the radicalidad, the insult and the demagoguery of the PSOE. But in the own official argumentario of the PP of yesterday, the one that uses the controls to repeat in their public and media appearances, is gotten to compare to Rubalcaba with the ex- chief of a main directorate of the Civil Guard Luis Roldn, defendant and condemned by several cases of corruption in the Governments of Felipe Gonzlez. Source of the news: : The PP requests a clean campaign and compares to Rubalcaba with Roldn. . To read more click here: Center For Responsible Lending.