Communist Fascism

The leader of the Belgian Rexism, Leon Degrelle, who would end up being general of the S.S., rejects with contempt the comparison with Hitler and Mussolini: I am neither one nor the other, and I have no intention of imitating them. Like cousin of Rivera who ruled from 1923 to 1930 and did not have a direct connection with fascism, but something, yes imitated it when attempting to institutionalize a corporate system, which would be that won with Franco. Plinio Salgado, leader of the Brazilian electoral action, proclaiming the same claim of originality. Not only: the affinity between the fascism does not exclude the possibility of a mutual dislike. Jose Dencas Puigdollers, in 1934, asks the question that best defines the indefiniteness of fascism am Communist? Am I a fascist? I myself don’t know.

What I realize Yes account is that, to succeed, all political line need move the forces of youth, giving them a mystic, a discipline that carried them into action. It is what I want to do in Catalonia. I want to escape from outdated molds devise Republican. What I want is to form a strong and ardent political movement based on two fundamental principles: nationalism and socialism. In what if match self-described fascism, is in its statements similar to those of Mussolini and Hitler, without a purpose, without a specific sense, since be equally imposed without the help of arguments. We all talk about the importance of the action and not of reason, exalt irrationality and the strength of the feelings, in sum: fanaticism. So fascism does not need a dogma, but a discipline. For the poet Brasillach fascism is first and foremost, a friendship, poetry of the discipline and order.

The foundations of phalanx are: authority, hierarchy and order. Leon Degrelle invoked you must walk, you must leave you drag by current must act. Else comes by itself alone. Drieu Rochelle non us first will ask what our agenda but our mentality is. The spirit of the PPF is a spirit of life, action, speed. Eva Duarte Peron has taught me to achieve something is not necessary, as it believed most of the people, making big plans. If plans exist, both better, but if there are, not matter: what matters is to begin to act. The plans will come later. Oswald Mosley a great man of Action noted: who knows exactly to where it is directed does not go very far “.” Rosenberg style a column in March, and little matter to which destination and for what purpose this column is running.Fascism says Gentile – be may prefer to define it are as a method, rather than as a system, that system, commonly means a doctrina developed and closed in a twist of theories set out in proposiciones or theorems, which cannot be add anything or remove anything. It is the fascist method. Proceeding insurance along the right path to the goal, either doing and undoing, carrying and returning again, since the attempt made disagrees with the principle and represents a deviation from the logic of development. Treitschke, No matter what one thinks, always and when obey. Fascism is therefore an expression of the irrational and Sternhell, warns of the the irrationalism danger: when the antirracionalismo becomes a political instrument, a means of mobilization of the masses and a machine of war against liberalism, Marxism and democracy; When he is associated with an intense cultural pessimism with a cult ruled by violence, then the fascist thinking fatally takes shape. Original author and source of the article.