Communist Frida

After all who age Frida Kahlo? A volcano gives to enter in eruption quenunca if it worried about the hypocritical puritanismo surrounded that it, woman of muitaspaixes, gotten passionate and gotten passionate. As well as she was gotten passionate for Communist opartido Mexico and, this dualidade of feelings made of this Mexican icon to umamulher different. They define it to some as bi-sexual we dare to say that Fridaestava, moreover, therefore nor It proper wise person what he was and so little to queriasaber, and who said that we have that to be Man or Woman! The moral, the bonscostumes? who says that the customs are good or bad? Who would dare to say Frida what to make! Everything this it portraies in its conflituosos workmanship, feelings, hopelessnesses, homesicknesses, frustrations, but still thus it leaves well clearly: ' ' Frida is in the domain of tudo' '. This irreverent form of being, living and to paint made with that the galanteador and perpetual unfaithful muralista DiegoRivera if got passionate for it. In the same way Frida saw in Rivera the parceiroperfeito for its aspirations politics, its desire of freedom eprincipalmente the perfect company for its art. Frida and Diego escandalizariammuitos liberal couples of century XXI. A marriage where the allegiance foisubstituda for loyalty, at least this age the will of Frida, knowing would queseria impossible to wait allegiance of the insacivel Rivera. The loving meeting with eramcomum for the couple. Diego wise person of all the sexual variations and desires deFrida, however it not wise person of all the desires of Rivera. Between gone and comings ocasamento it was resisting, until the day where Diego seduces and conquest its sister new Cristina.O loyalty pact did not resist this blow, then separate Frida was broken up of Diego.Mesmo, it looks Frida as accompanying asking for aid for exilarLeon Trotski, one of the leaders of the Russian revolution, with who it if envolvesentimentalmente, however soon Trotski if sees debtor to move of endereonovamente.