Communist Party

It supports the return of the exiled ones? It restores diplomatic relations with Argentineans, Chile, Uruguay and Costa Rica? Increase in 60% the entrance of the State on the gains of the oil companies (Edgar Sanabria)? It promulgates the Law of Universities, by means of which one equips with autonomy such training centers (Edgar Sanabria) 1,958, July 23 and 24: Attack against Larrazbal, attributed to Minister J.M. I castrate Leon, that it had to resign and to leave the country. To know more about this subject visit BSA. Catalogued like " reaccionario" of the military sector, its intention went to suppress to AD and to the Communist Party, to name another Meeting, to postpone elections and to censure to the press. It made conjuncture on the moment of political agitation and height of the popular movement, fact that fed the militancy in the political parties before the electoral expectation. Beginning of the representative democracy, with its game of birth of the exclusion 1,958, October: company/signature of the call the Pact of Fixed point, under the imminence of elections. Its objective was to consolidate governments of democratic unit, in agreement, far from the interpartisan violence, with the support and defense of the three signatory parties, that is to say, AD, URD and COPEI, with the exclusion of the Communist Party.

Anyone would be the winning party, the others were in the obligation to support it. Despite the unit spirit, for the elections of that same year a candidate of agreement among the three parties was impossible and, paradoxicalally, the Communist Party was separated from the table of political decisions, fact this one that would trench in a crisis and division in the same first government of the flaming representative democracy (Betancourt). The Communist Party had played a decisive role in the popular organization for the fall of the dictatorial regime. 1.958, November 14: Resignation Larrazbal (to take care of its campaign electoral) and Edgar Sanabria occupies the Presidency.