Company Project

Based on experience, companies tend to assume that this trend will continue for several years. If you have read about Jo Mackness already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In this situation, special attention should be given to competitors of the new Universal grocery store, because most potential customers are now buyers of services to other stores. However, The Company believes that trade policy is clearly thought out, and the highest quality of services to be provided after the reconstruction, will allow supermarkets to take a leading position in the market town of Samara. 1.3. Important points to as important points should be noted: 1. Ltd. ‘Golden Ring “- the largest department store, the city of Samara. Despite a significant reduction in range, this complex, as polls show the population, remains the most popular shops in town.

Its uniqueness lies primarily in the location: it is a central part of the city, which is traditionally used to organize trade, the place of intersection of the major city highways. 2. It is also important that today employees to high-level professionals with extensive experience in organizing and conducting trade. This is the an important competitive advantage. 3. This project is one of the stages of reconstruction of the Company, in which the planned technical upgrade and retrofit, the change in trade policy and assortment list.

4. The fundamental difference, and simultaneously the most important competitive advantage, the supermarket would be that the goods offered to consumers are not more expensive than similar sold in other stores and wholesale markets. It really is a fundamental difference, because all participants in the market supermarkets differ in that offer goods at inflated prices. Building location and area of the Company, which will posted grocery store allow the company expects to achieve the required turnover and, hence – the minimum retail prices. 1.4. Financial summary for the project, the Company must implement activities identified in the financial plan from January 2000 until the beginning of reconstruction. During this period, the Company will direct their main efforts to repay the existing accounts payable to suppliers and budgets, increased turnover supermarket. This will give companies an opportunity to 3-4-quarter 2000 to start a project of technical re-supermarket. Financial designing show that the implementation project and acquisition of new commercial equipment leasing companies need to master funds amounting to 240.245 usd. Leasing scheme proposed by the equipment supplier, has the following parameters: cost of equipment – 240,245 usd Term – 40 months Cost of resources, 12-15% per annum in foreign currency.