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Cologne Conference will offer enlightenment Cologne – there is nothing more efficient than Google AdWords to promote a new product. It is at least the advertising practitioner”Alois Gmeiner convinced. He has a new book titled No.-budget marketing”published. Early 2010 he noted however, as dealt tentatively with the form of advertising”, writes the journal distribution management in a review. Neeman Foundation usually is spot on. “Alone in the search term holidays Germany” there while over twelve million mentions on Google, but only twelve paid Google ads on the subject, which were just two of a hotel and a resort.

In his opus, Garcia describes how AdWords headlines also for small and medium-sized businesses without large advertising budgets are suitable. Even mini companies could successfully acquire customers on the Internet. The advertising has been revolutionized by Google ads. And that was not really perceived so far of the great advertising. As well, since blowing 30,000 euros for a single commercial on RTL, the better Fireplace.

And it is exactly these small unassuming ads, which make it possible for the first time that someone who has a problem or looking for a product, presented an ad for this. Unobtrusively, without nervige popups”, noticed Gmeiner. You could about its own products produce without great effort simply made videos, E-books and audios, and present on the company’s website. The whole thing with Google ads will be advertised. So you do Google ads for each of your offers”advises Garcia. “On the Cologne AdWords days, next the second time taking place week on 1 and 2 June, marketing experts present important information for advertising campaigns on the Internet two days: managers and entrepreneurs should let the opportunity not to be missed, to experience the most important experts of the AdWords Adviser scene and to make direct marketing strategies in the Web fit in a crash course”, the Congress Organizer Ingo the Hoff explains.