Contemporary Women

The woman contemporary is one another man inside of house or half man and half woman, the man contemporary is not different is also a little man and a little woman. The tolerance and the dependence one stops with the other very diminishes in our which had time, the economic power of the woman. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Boy Scouts of America. If the man loses or worsening and its social condition and the woman has more chances of progress, is near-normal that it will not support this man who is less than it socially. She is of this dissatisfaction will come probably the end of the consisting family already. I am saying of consisting family the traditional way, and not them many possibilities of associations that today we call also them of family. Yes, it is clearly that the man still possesss the cafajeste behavior to abandon woman and family when starts to have one better social condition, is clearly that this occurs after it being catches in instant.

The woman is much more direct, this because not – you set in motion equal the men, the exit of the woman if of when it starts to think that she deserves much more of what she possesss at that moment. The television comes back and stocking of a the news of a husband who killed the wife and the children because he did not support the resultant humilhao of the fact to be dismissed the much time, therefore ahead demoralized of its family and its wife. Of this man it was taken off what its instinct of male (without the pejorativo direction) always affirmed: man supports the house and woman educates the children. Today she says yourself very in descaracterizao, but that we see is an enormous crisis of identity, the woman biological and in the psychological essence the same woman of before industrialization and the technology, in a similar way he is the man, the same to be primitive with instincts of conquests. It will be that in the truth we do not conquer nothing, and everything did not pass of a natural process, and a necessity of a moment, will be that in the truth we men and women are not more guilty victims of what of history contemporary. J.