Czech Republic

Services for language programs study the Czech language, advice on civil law in the Czech Republic, the rules of the Labor Code of the Czech Republic and the requirements for studying in universities of the migration services of the Czech Republic are fundamental and guides for better life alien. How to behave, if you poured water Cech neighbor what to do after an accident on the road in the Czech Republic, a quarrel in a bar fight hooliganism and other matters that may deprive the status of the Czech Republic. What are the general rights can use the a foreign citizen residing in the Czech Republic? And what are the obligations and responsibilities takes a foreigner in the Czech Republic? What are the penalties threatened, and may incur foreign civilian offenses and wrong approach as to residence and to his Bohemian social status. You can explore tens of hundreds of pages of Internet messages on the forums of foreign nationals and not to deal with this or anything, or replace the waste of time to consult with specialist lawyer on any issue of rights and obligations in the Czech Republic. BSA has much experience in this field. As shown by the jurisprudence and the practice of law to protect our company in Prague, the main charge is based on initial indications of an alien living in the Czech Republic violated the law. It is the presence of Czech lawyer and correct behavior initially determine the success of winning the case. The conversation is as an administrative and professional violations legislation of the Czech Republic. Yes, you have correctly understood the initial knowledge of the laws and responsibilities before the law in the Czech Republic define integration and adaptive abilities of any foreigner.

Knowledge of customs, business, tax, legal Czech determines the rate of return of invested funds in the Czech business and is the defining measure of business development in the Czech Republic. Conversely, the lack of knowledge rights and laws, plus low-quality counseling lead to fines, lawsuits and even to the deprivation status. Accountant Services in Prague and accountability to tax and fiscal authorities are the Czech Republic success in transactions, contracts and contribution of capital to the Czech business projects. From April 2010 the Czech consulate introduces a new rule at the request of obtaining the status of the Czech Republic for each alien will be taken all ten fingerprints and transferred to the archive of the Czech Ministry of Interior. In the future, this factor for each foreigner living in the Czech Republic will play an even greater responsibility to themselves, their family, the laws of the cr. Adapt and integrate quickly and efficiently, protect and use their rights while living in the Czech Republic.