Data Protection

The development of those using personal information obtained from publicly available sources or databases other than the the entity responsible for receiving advertising (poster). How do I access the entities (companies) to consult Robinson List? The ways through which you can access the list by the companies are: Annual subscription, the subscription cost is 550 euros plus VAT for the year can download as many times as you wish Robinson List. Subscription only download, you can download the list once Robinson and costs EUR 150 plus VAT. Check the registry on its merits, is a free option, consultations will be manually and individually. Partnerships, Membership enters the quarterly fee and you can download the file list Robinson as often as deemed appropriate. Why a company should consult the list Robinson? All companies wishing to advertise their services with lists of individuals drawn from publicly available sources or which is not responsible (eg, purchase of data base for realization of mailing) must take several steps listed below: First, any advertiser, consult the list to see if Robinson among their target exists inscribed on the list, the modalities through which it can conduct the consultation are listed in the previous section. In the case of a third company to handle the completion of the shipment, it will be the entity providing data processing services for the development of it, you must have signed a contract in advance so that sets the typified guarantees in Article 12 of the Data Protection Act.

Such entities always accessed Robinson list treatment as a manager on behalf of the advertiser. In both cases, after Robinson had been consulted list should be to exclude, our immediate shipment, to those on the list, given that they have requested his exclusion in explicit and its failure could have significant consequences . On the other , in the case of public service users Robinson List, the applicant may be contacted them to oppose the sending of commercial communications by telephone, even in cases in which it maintains or has maintained a contractual relationship in these cases the applicant shall provide an e-mail account through which he will contact the user entity in order to process your application as opposed to receiving commercial communications. What are the consequences for a company not consulting Robinson List? In the case of carrying out a publicity campaign with the features we have been discussing, and not see the list Robinson, has a good chance that among the recipients, there is a person who has abandoned commercial communications through this route of exclusion.