December People

Never before in Russia had no such drafts of alien beliefs alien corrupting ideas. They displace our traditions, our roots destroy, destroy our culture. Supporting all foreign to Russia, we are destroying our children's future and grandchildren. Succumb to these tendencies it is impossible. And this should help our people, the people themselves, at least in order to preserve the very intimate – his Russian-ness.

Do not support alien – is also an act. – After the tragic death of actor Mikhail Evdokimov – your close friend, you led the Foundation to his memory. What projects are involved in this organization? What are the immediate plans? – We have been very friendly Misha. And we have common roots – both Siberians. We do everything from our power to not only preserve the memory of him, but to continue his work. There are ideas, projects that we have together sought to implement.

This is – the continuation of cultural and sports festivals in the Russian hinterland, equipment 'Song of the field' in his native village Misha – Upper Ob. This is a unique, divine place, just healing and energy. Here we want to build a church – an old dream Mishina, as opposed to 'Golden Calf' – a game zone, which is going to equip 40 km – in Belokurikha. In the winter arrange a hockey festival. In my native Baikal I want to do something similar. It is necessary to restore morality – our children and grandchildren live here. And most next event – the Day of Memory and loved by Russians Mikhail Evdokimov, because in December he would have turned 50 years old! – After the collapse of the Soviet Union – a huge state – we have ceased to be part of a huge country. Despite everything, I still have the impression that you are – a happy man. And how strong your faith in the fact that Russia still rise? – I have a good root base – that's what I'm happy. While a person keeps a the past – he is a man. Forget their roots – the greatest crime of man. We have been given to know that people are not remembering his past, and has no future. I was never ashamed to call myself a Russian! I love my country and these words I am not ashamed. And I am convinced that Russia will be revived! From Siberia, from our boundless province. It predicted another great Lomonosov: Russia's power will increase Siberia, Mother! So be it. We have strong faith and truth. But sometimes I want to shout to the whole world: "People! Do not throw stones. Do not destroy the man-made! Do not kill the divine nature – around and in yourself! Must add – a pebble to pebble. Build. Create! Ahead Alexander Mikhailov, still very busy, bright, kind, generous. God bless him, give him strength and health! Eugene Mokhnachev to make a difference