Dual SIM Phones

Use 2 SIM cards in one mobile phone – dual SIM mobile phone makes it possible. A dual SIM mobile phone is a mobile phone, which allows the simultaneous use of two SIM cards. Offers to mobile phone tariffs and services is growing – especially in the discount area, new provider from the ground shooting. Some of those are particularly lucrative for writing SMS offers, others offer discounts for international rates. Click American Diabetes Association to learn more. Especially since the establishment of smart phones as devices for a broad target group, the use of mobile Internet via UMTS and HSDPA will be interesting. Unfortunately, most vendors in each of these areas offer the best option or the lowest price. Would you combine, for example, mobile services by A provider options of from various providers – with SMS flat rate from provider B – be faced with a problem: each provider requires a separate SIM card.

A dual SIM mobile phone can help. Both cards can be operated in a device and combine the different features in this way. However must be be noted that a different number is assigned for each SIM card. This fact can be to the advantage of light: can a dual SIM mobile phone at the same time for private talks, as well as for business affairs be used. Your own mobile phone is available at two numbers, the calls are charged, depending on the used phone number. This has been the dual SIM phones not always of course in history.

Units of the first generation (mid-1990s), maps had to be changed manually between the inserted SIM. Often, it was necessary to remove the battery cover and to restart the device after the change. Only the number of active SIM card was at this moment to reach. The cause was the use of a transmitter unit only. A modern dual SIM mobile phone, however, has two simultaneous working units. Now, a dual SIM mobile in their product range have all major cell manufacturers about. Most of these devices come from the Asian region, their advantages you no longer want to Miss however already today in Europe. Markus Schwenke