Economic Cooperation

Editorial, Internet newspaper kabbalah world wave washes away all the nonsense of the crisis in the world. It now begins to appear very sharp. Never before has a man and the world have not been in this position. You will see how to use all sorts of extraneous capabilities, people will want to get rid of surpluses. They feel that it interferes, it deprives them of something. This will lead to the fact that they are ashamed of the strength and financial power they wield. Nieman Foundation recognizes the significance of this.

It will be revealed as harmful, negative, is not respected in society, despised by the phenomenon. Michael Laitman Abridged translation of the article British economist Richard Layard Baron (Richard Layard), a member of the British House of Lords, the head of Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics. What is progress? 'The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development,' asks this question for quite some time, and the current crisis is making to find the answer. According to the Anglo-Saxon understanding, progress means to reduce poverty and increase happiness. But progress does not mean wealth creation or innovation.

It is often useful tools, but never the ultimate goal. So, we should stop the cult of money and create a more humane society, where the main criterion will be the usual human experience. If everyone would pay for labor, then people will be able to choose a way of life best suited to each of them. After all, despite the massive creation of wealth and happiness in the world has increased.