Editorial Group Communication

Autumn can’t get better in TEMPO – Sage communication. And is that the Editorial Group and communication captained by Antonio Gigirey and Jose Luis Casero is made with three new customers for the management of your communications and institutional relations. Follow by adding new and important accounts of communication since it implies the recognition of a job well done and the inspiration to continue investing in our brand, explains Antonio Gigirey, Director of TEMPO-SALVIA communication is a great satisfaction for us. Get to CONAE, MEDIFORM PLUS and SUBASTAFACIL. COM have us doubly rewarding is for have been achieved in a period of crisis which we are now living, added Jose Luis Casero. So this is the profile of each of the new clients: u CONAE (the National Confederation of self-employed and micro-enterprises), established in April of 1988, was founded as a non-profit organization for the defence and support of the self-employed and micro-enterprises in the whole country. It is created under the pillars of the promotion and defence of the system of free private initiative in the framework of the free market economy, and considers the freelance entrepreneur and microenterprise as basic cores in the creation of wealth and services to society.

u MEDIFORM PLUS is the company that most actively works with 450 of pharmacies most dynamic of Spain, advising on strategic aspects of their business (internal organization, marketing and sales, purchasing and stock management). All this to achieve differentiated pharmacies and prepare them to work effectively to a future of great changes. It is composed of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, with extensive knowledge of management tools that the pharmacy today needs. u SUBASTAFACIL. COM is the leading company in Spain that is projected for the purpose of advising the debtor in judicial auctions and make accessible and transparent to the public and investors exclusive and very cost-effective environment judicial auctions. Since 2003 is immersed in the market of judicial public auctions of real estate with results objectively very positive. Its philosophy of work passes collect their fees when customer comes out winning.

In addition to this triplet of new customers TEMPO – Sage communication already provides its services to the AEF (Asociacion Espanola de Franquiciadores), MARCO ALDANY, CARLIN, MUNDOFRANQUICIA CONSULTING, ASIAINSPECTION, KONE, MKE and TEMPO consultants. Our mission focuses on rigorous and satisfying the needs of our customers, generate higher sales and profitability through our work of communication and development Editorial; assume our customers as their own goals and involve ourselves with your corporate strategy.