Effort Pays Off

Remember that we are often entangled with destructive imaginations that never materialize, but we feel as if they were real. It’s going to cause unnecessary suffering can be avoided. Some suggestions for preventing stress 1) to take our time: Every human being has a rhythm of its own and differs from the rhythm of others. Find your own rhythm is personal responsibility. When we find our own pace, we will feel more comfortable and less anxious. A good way to determine where we spend our time, is to make weekly monitoring of the use of our time, and then manage it best according to our own needs.

2) Do not always look to do more, is the best: Sometimes we have to do many tasks, make us feel better. Nothing is further from reality, since the excessive amount of things to do, leads us to be overwhelmed, taking away energy. In addition, we can lead to frustration, unable to comply with any schedule. When we reduce our activities, we discovered that we no longer have the anxiety of wanting to finish quickly and can be more in what we do, enjoying the here and now. 3) Not withstanding the facts: An old oriental aphorism tells us things are as they are, if I understand.

ARE AS IS AND IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND, … ARE AS IS. Through this teaching we mean, you understand or not understand the situation or the event will be the same. We have to understand, to fight or resist the facts we will produce more suffering. This is because the same things will happen, or not fight against them. So not withstanding the facts and face them, we save energy by avoiding conflict. 4) Listen to what we want of this: If we look closely, we find that the desire is not equal to the will. By this we mean that the will consists of the obligation and for all that is effort. While the desire not need the effort, no obligation arises or will. If we like to eat pizza and invite us to eat, for us it is effort, on the contrary is pleasant and we are pleased. However, if we have to get up early and do not want it, surely that’s going to be an effort or obligation. It is clear that we will not always what we want, but if in our daily lives more things we wish voluntarily, we begin to glimpse a greater inner satisfaction.