Environment Trutnev

The first event was attended by about twenty cities, but in 2001 the shares involved over a thousand cities in thirty-five states. Minister for Natural Resources and Environment Trutnev noted that "A day without cars' can not radically change the environment, but also draws attention to environmental issues. Despite the fact that Russian cities actively involved in the international campaign 'Day without cars', the Russians themselves transplanted from their iron horses are not in a hurry. This year, officials in Moscow, including the Chief 'Mosgortrans', gave a personal example citizens and went to work on foot or by public transport. Despite the efforts of officials, this year the rally's Day without a car 'to clean the air in Moscow is not affected.

According to environmentalists, fixed monitoring stations of the atmosphere near the highways or the values were higher than Monday. Yes, and traffic jams in Moscow 'Day without cars' was no less Finished in Moscow World stock 'A Day Without car ', which was supported in 22 countries, bike ride organized by the Wildlife (WWF). On the embankments of the Moscow River on bicycles rode around a hundred people – politicians, environmentalists, pop stars and ordinary citizens, indifferent to environmental issues. Recall that cars give 80% of pollution in large cities of Russia and about 42% of the total emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. Moscow authorities will stop buying incandescent bulbs in order to implementation of priority measures for energy conservation and efficiency use of energy resources, the authorities of Moscow in what will stop buying incandescent bulbs.