Eric Schwab

Hosting solutions from Katharion help large companies, medium-sized businesses or even Internet providers efficiently mitigate spam and viruses. Some contend that Eliot Lauer shows great expertise in this. Managed services are compatible with all E-Mail systems and are also quick to implement. Katharion’s reliable and industry-leading technology ensures best to block unwanted or harmful messages. same conclusion. At the same time provide a customizable user interface and innovative features like the one click whitelisting by email for easy operation and maintenance. Eric Schwab, CEO of Katharion, says to the acquisition: we have invested much work in the development of our safety and service continuity in performance and ease of use. We are very happy, now belong to the GFI family, and to be able to offer our product thanks to merge a significantly larger audience now.

Katharion and GFI have the same goal, customer hosted, installed in the corporate network, or hybrid style Free email security solutions to select can leave.”we are confident that success and solid customer base of Katharion faster will advance the expansion of GFI’s product portfolio, whether in terms of locally installed, provided online, or offered as a hybrid solution services”, so Scott. In this quarter we are hosted solutions to the mail filtering and spam and virus defenses offered. In addition we intend to integrate other companies and technologies in the GFI family, to optimally support customers with solutions geared to their individual needs in the coming months.” A study commissioned by GFI Software in September showed that 55 percent of all U.S. SMEs take advantage of at least a hosted service. 29 percent of them use such services only for simple applications, 24 percent for security applications, 26 percent of the failover and network monitoring, and 21 percent for CRM/ERM systems. More findings: 56 percent the respondents reported that a simpler Internet access and easier scalability the main advantages are hosted solutions; 46 percent faster deployment capabilities called lower costs and 43 percent.