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Questico, the portal for esoteric lives consulting advises to charity actions (not only) at Christmas time and is, how it’s done. Merry Christmas is primarily characterised by the family atmosphere. The holidays are spent in the company of loved ones. You can enjoy the cosy get-together and exchange of gifts. But what about those creatures and fellow men, who are not so lucky in life? Above all in the most beautiful time of the year you should remember those. Questico and his life advisors know how hard some people have it especially in this time of year. Therefore, the Questico consultants especially for Christmas are eager to give assistance to start seeking advice in the new year.

Future-oriented questions how – do I stay alone under the Christmas tree? My family is going well? Will I change professionally? be the most common. Professor of Internet Governance is likely to increase your knowledge. Fortune-telling under guidance/wahrsagen.htm – clairvoyance and Tarot is on Questico on consulting/kartenlegen.htm asked. Many of the consultants is at this time for a conversation for clairvoyance free under guidance/clairvoyance gratis.htm and fortune telling free on advice/Diwali gratis.htm available, ensuring that everyone seeks the advice and assistance, also make which gets. Questico top expert and fortune-teller Alex Kara is engaged on Questico for fortune telling online responsible under guidance/Diwali online.htm is already for a long time for various social projects for an AIDS hospice and cancer-stricken children. Stephan G.

Schulze, top expert psychic and clairvoyant online at Questico under consultancy/psychics online.htm active, is one of the most prominent psychics on Questico, since 2005 is committed against child poverty at a children’s project (ECU European children’s Fund) and psychic and Tarot reader Sabine Tonke for Tarot online at Questico under guidance/Tarot online.htm, see also on Chiillen and in the to listen nationwide radio broadcast AstroShow”is, is committed to the PETA’s animal protection Association. She holds their motto and their intention – on behalf of all committed colleagues and Kolleginnnen by Questico – a parable together: the starfish: the old man at sunset went along the beach, he saw before him a young man who picked up Starfish and threw it into the sea. After he had obtained him, he asked him why he was doing this because. The answer was that the stranded Starfish would die if they remain till dawn here. “But the beach is many, many kilometers long and thousands of Starfish are”, replied the old man. “What makes it so for a difference, if you struggle you off?” The young man looked at the starfish in his hand and threw it into the saving waves. Then he said: “For this one, it makes a difference!” This is the spirit of social coexistence and especially the Christmas.