Europe Group

This way I could afford all my travels, so almost without realizing he had already gone 2 times to Switzerland (Geneva, Bern, Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken), Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), France (Paris, Lyon and Vienne) and the two Irelands (Dublin and Belfast). But the best thing that I provide this new job was a sensational group of friends with whom every day was adventure and I still keep those. Also, I joined as a volunteer the Oxfam group, whose main objective is to help communities unprotected in Africa and Latin America. With them towards a voluntary work in different stores. I didn’t want to seem surprised, but the truth is that it was so. And that the best was yet to come.

Fiona, my best friend in London I stand to Gabriel Mi Gaby-, an American who was living a similar process of change of life that included a tour by Europe and at that moment was spending a few days in London. The three share a couple of evenings. When he returned to its country keep in touch and after 6 months he returned to London, this time to stay with me. With my Gaby we travel together again to France (Paris and Vienne), Spain (Valencia), Italy (Rome, Venice and Milan), Poland (Krakow), Czech Republic (Prague) and Portugal (Porto). It was also the best fan of my work with the salsa group and always support me with my learning in the restaurant. We are also very supported in the way that we see and face life. It is incredible! When my Gaby asked me in marriage, I was so in love that there was only one possible answer. We made the decision to get married in my hometown in Colombia and lived there for 16 months, constantly traveling and working from our home. A few months ago we enjoy in San Antonio, Texas, his hometown. This is a new city for me, IE something more to discover. Do but what more important: guess who? We continue living La Dolce Vita original author and source of the article.