Expensive Mouse

In this article, I'll put just his opinion. As you probably already know the CS is low taxis sensei, as if you aim low SENSE wrist when sight is close to the opponent. Articles on this subject on the Internet a lot. Since playing CS I played with sensiviti equal to 14. Right now my sensiviti is 3, and when I put 5 or even 7 I uncomprehending as one can play. Almost every player starts to play using a high sensitivity, because it is convenient to run and turn with it. CS is not like Unreal Tournament or Quake where high guidance accuracy for a short time, because the game is very fleeting and short contractions.

CS is definitely not the type of games. Now a little theory. There is a notion DPI. In fact Dpi – this how well a mouse can pass your hand movement or a computer mouse can be said resolution. Now the average mouse has 1000 dpi, roughly speaking Ie (that would be understandable) "on one inch of space mouse can determine their own location 1000 '. Why not a second, I will not tell because the Internet and those articles also in bulk. Optical mouse compare two images and because they are shifted draw vectors showing how you moved myshku.Eto and translated into cursor movement. Now think, at high sensiviti we almost do not move the mouse certainly is not going through 1 inch, and we need precision, and accuracy is lost as a mouse lacking dpi that would be at a small area to determine its location.

But in CS we do not need high sensei! Yes, I'm not arguing that with a high near sensiviti can write beautiful Headshots, well, at a great distance so you do not succeed. The higher put the greater sensitivity decreases accuracy. Therefore, in the fleeting play important Dpi Mouse with a high that it would be counted your jerky movements with minimal time and with the greatest accuracy. Try to put sensiviti lowest in CS and you will see that even the cheap optical mouse quite accurate (smallest mud right now, 400 dpi). Now think about whether to buy an expensive mouse, if we have low sensiviti? Nekotrye say 'Yes'. I'll tell you yet the fact that 800 dpi per inch is enough for a comfortable game. Now select the most suitable for you sensiviti, open the CS, and move the mouse exactly 1 inch (2.54 cm). Move quickly to the right and left, about 2.5-3 cm Found that the accuracy is much increased pickup? I do not advise to put sensiviti equal to 5 or more. To begin to get used expose yourself 5, and then gradually lower the. Dumb seems this article is nonsense. Please note that the phrase 'In CS steers low sensiviti 'proven time! I'm only doing their logical conclusions in this article. My choice is: Logitech Pilot Optical Mouse mouse has 1000 dpi and comes in handy for me optikaemaya form. For myself, I think that the best mouse for CS. The author of this article I'm aka 408. Forgot to mention that this little mouse in the OEM supply costs 230 rubles Discuss Article from the site of CS Video