Facebook Announcements

The announcement concentrates a great amount of click during the first day, is generally for this reason that passed a pair of days the efficiency of the announcement descends and is less probable that the users click in him. It analyzes the behavior of his hearing, the results of his campaign and determines the impact of his action. The publicity of Facebook benefits to the marks that they constantly innovate in his announcements, reason why the recommendation is to stop the same and to equip with new photos and new contents to him that wake up the interest, to return them to send passed a time. Visit Kidney Foundation for more clarity on the issue. line-height: 13.5pt; margin: 0cm 0cm 11.25pt; mso-margin-top-alt: car; ” > In order to avoid one of the great threats of the marks in terms of publicity in Facebook, he is essential that becomes a pursuit of the CPC and CTR besides whatever of those clicks are transformed into visits, subscriptions and pick up of new users to the page. In order to obtain it, it considers that Facebook has a tool of control of changes, through which you will be able to form one or several codes HTML, those that as much optimized the pursuit of the sales firmly, like of new potential clients.

Although it is certain that the publicity of Facebook still is surrounded by I haul of uncertainty and ignorance, that together with the consolidation and example of the system Adwords de Google, makes of the Facebook Announcements an advertising model still explode and that appears with the great strength to offer costs by click to a reduced price more, which allows to an improvement and constant update. Facebook ADS some advice and characteristics The Facebook announcements have 25 characters in the title and 135 in the body of the message, this is more than sufficient to wake up the interest of its usuary potentials or clients. tab-stops: list 36.0pt; ” > The photography cannot have a greater weight of 5 megas and its size must be of 110*80 The design must be intuitive and attractive, it is to invite the user to know our product. And to finish, it does not stop considering the segmentation, the capacity of Facebook to segment the users is another one of his great strengths, which equips with an efficiency without limits the publicity online. Thanks to the filters available, it will be able to define more than 25 countries and to even segment to have absolutely defined what is the user group and its profile who will receive their message, which increases the possibilities of success.