Fighting Animal Rights People

As written, the free encyclopedia (Wikipedia), the dog – an omnivorous mammal of the canine, domesticated about 10 thousand years ago. They are known for their abilities to learn, love for the game, the ability to adapt people and social situations. It so happened that the dogs are all around us, protect us, help us … but can be dangerous. But first, I would like to divide us, the people in 3 categories in relation to stray dogs. Opposers. It is those who, all those who dislike dogs or just do not like them.

In their view, dogs are unpredictable and can be deadly not only for children but also adults. Opposers say unequivocally – dogs who are walking the streets in packs must be destroyed for any purpose! Fans. 'Lovers' – it's just dog owners and lovers of nature. They relate differently to our problem. Some say that they have to destroy but humane ways, others – not. Defenders in this category were both animal lovers, which is easy to prove that their love and lovers 'pomitingovat'. The first care of the animals and open shelters for them.

Second just saying … but today they are the defenders of animal advocates and tomorrow something else. Animal advocates are usually placed above human, sometimes as much higher, sometimes in doubt about the adequacy of the man. There is also a fourth category, which can be termed as 'Indifferent', but they do not care, so we have not and will not be considered.