First Cisplatina Campaign

In 27 of February of 1801, assisted for France, Spain declared war Portugal and in 6 of June they had signed the Treat one to Badajz, that granted to Portugal the ownership of the Missions and the border in the Quara line, Jaguaro, Chu. Check out Center For Responsible Lending for additional information. At the beginning of the century XIX, Uruguay was known as Eastern Band del Uruguay, for being in the band east of the river Uruguay, always disputed for Brazil that belonged Portugal and for Argentina, pertaining Spain. 1797, Jose Gervsio Artigas entered the Regiment of Lanceiros as lieutenant and, in 1801, in the Silver, during the Spanish-Portuguese war, he fought the English allies of the Portuguese. At the time, the movement of release of the Spanish colonies appeared and Artigas was nominated lieutenant-colonel for the Meeting of Buenos Aires. In 1803, &#039 was nominated; ' General guard woollen Campana' ' , but it was in 1810 that its revolutionary spirit arose, when started to defend the idealismo of the Revolution of the Orientals. In 1808, the Real Family already was in Brazil and initiated the movement of release of the Spanish colonies of Mexico the Montevidu, as reaction to the war between Portugal and Spain.

Jose Gervasio Artigas politician and Uruguayan military man, future national hero, had entered 1797 in the Regiment of Lanceiros of the Portuguese Army as lieutenant, it adhered to the movement and it fought the English allies of Portugal, in the Silver, being nominated lieutenant-colonel for the meeting of Buenos Aires. In 1810 many Spanish colonies they were had emancipated and after of Buenos Aires, the Joined Provinces of the River of the Silver had been created. In the following years, in 1811 and 1812, the Portuguese and Spanish forces if had joined to repel the Argentine guerrillas under the command of Artigas, in the called action First Cisplatina Campaign. Diogo de Sousa formed an army with river-grandenses of 16 the 40 years, entered in Paissandu in 2 of May of 1812 e, with Blessed Manuel Ribeiro, Francisco of the Chagas Saints and captain Jose de Abreu arrasaram Is Tom and destruiram the vanguard of Artigas, composed of guaranis indians.