First Mention – Then Deliberately To Speak

The young speaker at the Zienterra shine rhetoric award 2009 Bonn, Bornheim – at the Zienterra on 17 October in Bornheim young speakers had the rhetoric price this year. The 24 year-old Bonner student Simon Kramm could convince the jury with his rhetorical skills and ranked first before the 18-year old high school students Christopher Klein. \”The task was a speech to return to the subject of each one of us has a special responsibility for the success of sustainable development\”. In total, 32 speakers have submitted in advance of the competition a manuscript of her speech. But only six have overcome the preselection and were in the final, to present their speech to the expert audience. On the morning of the competition, there were once again the last tips from the pros. In a two-hour workout, the counterparties could rehearse their presentations before it was then seriously.

The manuscripts were already written, but know the speakers to take the audience on their journey? The appearance, the voice, the Body language and also the judicious use of breaks will decide all this favor with the jury. Let us be an example for others, let us be the change!\”was the appeal of Christopher Klein. The students from Bornheim Rosberg, who wants to study German and history teacher after graduation, impressed the audience by his passion and pictorial language. The Simon Kramm, who studies political communication relied on that: \”A butterfly here hitting fields with its tiny wings on the Bornheimer, may cause a massive storm on the other side of the world!\”. All six opponents delivered thrilling and inspiring lectures. And it was then so far at 15:30. The jury had stimulated discussion and a verdict. Simon Kramm received the Golden rhetoric Prize thanks to his dynamic way of speaking, the dramatic stance and its contents safe everyday arguments.