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What is to make sure when buying a pair of headphones. With headphones, there is a huge range, with a wide variety of techniques and for various areas of application. Earlier rather something for the reclusive music lovers and its silent hours. Today, they have economic, because music, specifically sounds in the form of mp3, from millions of players and mobile phones. Here, Boy Scouts of America expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The purpose is the choice of the correct device in the foreground, to narrow the wide range of models from the outset. While portable devices the absolute mobility in the foreground, it’s at home or for professional use highest possible sound quality when listening to music. Moreover, a certain comfort that should not restrict the enjoyment of music. The earplugs are available at the lower end of the scale which is size and sound comfort.

This in turn can be subdivided in the widely used small round listeners who are inside the ear. On the other hand those who plug deeper in the ear, which are introduced into the ear canal. The latter are especially getting, because they fix this, that they increase a little bit the ear canal. They don’t slip or not fall out also when jerky movements. They are thus good for jogging or for the Fitness Studio. Whom the squirts are too inconvenient or offer insufficient sound, which can rely on a headband headphones. Who discourages the footprint, which can rely on a model with folding ironing.

The earpieces rest only on the ears and does not penetrate into the ear canal. There are also ironing headphones with earplugs. You fix the headphone stable on the head and give extra strong hold. Such models are suitable for people who are on the road a lot and want to hear music while jogging or in the gym. For listening at home should be resorted but on models with larger ear capsules.