Formative Wrist

When: At the end of training biceps. Before concentrated on biceps lifts run lifts barbells and dumbbells for biceps standing and / or sitting. How much: 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions. Sport If you are trying to raise the middle (peak), the biceps, making it more convex and distinct form, then concentrated ups – one of the best means of solving this problem. Flexion of arm at the elbow – movement characteristic of most sports. Therefore, on the power and strength of the flexor hand depends largely on your athletic performance. Do not forget: how strong your biceps, largely depends on the intensity and effectiveness of your workouts chest muscles and back. 7.

Pump up your biceps: The interior of the forearm / Formative exercise / "inflate" the inside of the forearm technique Take a dumbbell in each hand, stand on her knees bench and place the forearm across the bench, palms up. Wrist pushed over the edge of the bench: straightening them completely, you should not balk at dumbbell bench. >> Just move away from the bench on his knees to hand almost straightened. Torso and the forearm fixed to the end of the set. Slightly palm so that the dumbbell can freely "roll" to the fingers. Fully straighten your wrists and lower the dumbbells down. Strain the muscles of the forearm and gently lift the dumbbells as high as possible.

Throughout the entire exercise their elbows and forearms "glued" to the bench. At the top of the brush should be 60 above the horizontal. Upon reaching its fully straighten the wrist and smoothly under control, lower the dumbbells. Perhaps check out Boy Scouts Of America for more information. Using heavy weights, be sure to hold your breath while lifting. Exhale when the dumbbells down dip. Tips Initially, the arms should be fully extended. Unbending elbow joint, you pull all the cords, which the flexor wrists are attached to this joint. As you know, to achieve maximum muscle contraction is possible only when all its chords, which it is attached to the joints, well-pointed. Keep your elbows and forearms on the bench. Once this happens, the lion's share of the load immediately shifts from forearm muscles to the biceps. Hold the dumbbells relatively free grip, pried his fingers – this will significantly increase the amplitude of movement. Gripping dumbbells, you can not completely straighten the wrist. When lowering the dumbbell down your wrist may turn slightly outwards (diverge little fingers). This not only dangerous, but even useful – unbend your wrist is much stronger. Moreover, trying to keep the wrist in a fixed position, it can be traumatic. That's why flexion at the wrist is much safer and more efficient perform with dumbbells than with a barbell, which does not allow turning the wrist. Application To: Everyone, from novice to master. When: At the end of training biceps, after working all exercises on biceps. Before folding in wrists make a "hammer" or upgrades to the biceps barbell reverse grip. How much: 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions. Sports curls at the wrists focusing the entire load on the muscles inside the forearm, which determines the extent forearms, especially when you expand the palm outward. As a rule, curls at the wrist is used to correct the imbalance in the development of biceps and forearms. After cachectic forearm at once will bring to naught all grandeur of huge biceps and triceps. In addition to the wrist curls will give you a strong grip without which never succeed in basketball, volleyball, handball, javelin throwing, tennis and wrestling.