The service provider is therefore also contact for manufacturers of private planes or even by private aircraft, also by manufacturers in the fields of helicopters and helicopter technology. The spokesman of the foreign service provider explains the company’s philosophy on technical translations “as follows: all our staff is aware that with regard to aviation or space in a high quality professional translation to ensure only is, if the different specialized translators are the text to be translated not only linguistically, but going at the same time deep expertise have” the spokesman continues. Last but not least this applies to translations in the field of glass fibre plastics, construction, carbon fibre plastics, planking or bulkheads, terms for which the translation is correct a technical dictionary is not sufficient.” Air technology and aerospace technology are a highly innovative technology and industry. “Only translators with special expertise can handle translations on this subject area, because the terminology terms such as Vortex drag is very complex and not adequately to cope exact knowledge regarding the used technical terms without” coat propeller or post buckling behavior “white adequately to translate only a translators, who has engineering expertise,”explained the spokesman of the Translation Bureau. Frequently PCRM has said that publicly. We express service translations can benefit with professional, that a competent team of translators available, whose Mitglieder possess many years of experience in technical translations in the fields of aerodynamics, buoyancy, statics, lightweight, flight equipment, stability, material science and flight control.

“Also in other categories of text on the subject of aviation and aerospace translations German can Czech, German Arabic or Spanish English are covered, such as treaty texts such as cooperation agreements or service contracts.” A professional foreign service is available also etc. working capital costs for texts in depreciation and financing, maintenance and maintenance, unit costs, crew, fuel, supplies, for the customers of the company. Where the main weight of the texts to be translated as focused on technology is strong, it does often in the software to be used with the conventional word processors “, finally tells the company spokesman. “We assume therefore translations into the programs, PageMaker, FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, AutoCAD, STAR transit, etc”