Geothermal Heat Pump

By means of geothermal heat pump heating is becoming increasingly popular. Learn why! The geothermal heat pump function and benefits the interest in renewable energy sources grows steadily. By ever-increasing heating costs and a slowly emerging ecological awareness at home and an increasing demand new, alternative energy sources are found and the use of geothermal heat pumps for the heating of the home is becoming increasingly attractive. How does a geothermal heat pump? A geothermal heat pump is a thermodynamic heating which utilizes heat from the ground for domestic use. Geothermal heat pumps with a distinction between two different variants: the use of the soil as a source of heat in the form of an Earth collector or an Earth probe system or the use of ground – or surface water. Basically, defies a geothermal heat pump the water the soil and leads it to the home heating system.

It consists of a heat source system, the actual heat pump and a part of heat processing and storage system. The Delivery of the heat passes through a low-temperature heating systems, it can be installed, for example, than radiator heating, floor or wall heating in a closed circuit of the heat pump. This cycle uses a refrigerant as an intermediary to transfer and transport of heat. The property of the refrigerant to boil at low temperatures and to evaporate and to store the energy absorbed is used in the evaporator of the heat pump. The volume of the evaporated refrigerant in the compressor is strongly reduced to increase so that the pressure on the media and to increase its temperature. Then it is in the condenser, which is used as a heat exchanger and transferred to the heating system. If the temperature and pressure are reduced, the refrigerant is liquefied again and the cycle begins again.

Use the Earth collector or an Earth probe system, ground – or surface water? There are two different forms of heat through a heat pump, it is important the differences become familiar. In the use of the soil are increasing low temperature fluctuations and thus a constant heating capacity throughout the year, the performance coefficient is always above the outside temperature. -company-etc/’>BWX Technologies. Also, no defrosting of the evaporator is required. In addition, the annual coefficient of performance is very high. For earthworks are required during the installation of the heat pump, a heat collector requires a large plot (approx. the 1,5 up 2.5 of the surface to be heated) and a geothermal probe is subject to approval. It uses the ground water with a water heat pump the year is with a low temperature fluctuation on across expected. The heating power and the performance coefficient of the outside temperatures be also constant. The evaporator must not also here be defrosted and the COP remains high. However, a suction and a well is required for the use of groundwater and must usually be approved by the water authority. One is General Heat supply by a geothermal heat pump a cost-effective and ecologically valuable alternative to conventional heating systems. There is more information on the heat pump and home automation at Michael Olberg