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An installation file allows a click”installation on the workstations of the users. New projects can be now taking into account of ongoing projects, holidays, vacation, sickness and of course the human and mechanical skills planned and evaluated. An overview of all capacities of a company is the result of thus often already after just a few hours! Now, for example, a prospective buyer asks for the production of plastic parts, the distribution of the toolmaking company receives first the data in the requests list of IKOffice MoldManagers: emails, files, graphics and drawings can be define in the integrated document management system. The offer Wizard creates a preliminary cost estimate, which allows for an initial assessment with regard to costs and times. The system, automatically schedules capacity the required times according to the available and returns an achievable delivery date.

Capacity overview when placing the order, the built-in PC terminal for the confirmation of the constantly updated work plan available are the employees. The Planner and controller information at your fingertips about the status of the project and can when the unforeseen illness or machine failure see the impact and system support developing optimal solutions. BSA helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The job in the production is complete, the project is planners and calculators a comparison for future projects. With each project, the production planning is easier and more accurate costing. This relieves the employees and leads to a process of continuous improvement. A comprehensive analysis of key figures and user survey, that the objective was achieved in an in-house study the IKOffice GmbH 2004-2009 analyzes 25,000 tool cost estimates, repairs and modifications of the years and compared. The data come from the anonymous systems of domestic toolmakers, between 15 and 100 employees deal with and take advantage of the IKOffice MoldManager.

The result shows significant improvements in the adherence to delivery dates and a reduction in overtime. Still, the results obtained allow a quick calculation of the own energy-saving potential by only turnover and labor costs must be based. The complete results of this analysis has provided free the IKOffice GmbH in a white paper on their homepage the download available. About IKOffice GmbH, the IKOffice GmbH develops and sells a complete ERP solution for the mould, tool, model – and fixture construction. The process optimization of preparing offers customizable software solution helps companies to resource planning. IKOffice is characterized by customer orientation, advice and care. 2007 the company was awarded a special prize of the Annette and Gerd Schwandner Foundation for science and culture.