Germany Grevenbroich

Uwe Friedrich von TEAMCANIN in Loffingen, Hungenberg April 30, 2009 / Gaby Gunther performs from 18-21 May 2009 workshop in Grevenbroich in dog & sport – a harmonious and balanced partnership between man and dog is the primary concern of all training and coaching activities by head coach Uwe Friedrich von the dog Center TEAMCANIN. On the grounds of dog & sports Hungenberg in Grevenbroich can now from the 18th-21st May 2009 interested dog owners different day workshops visit with Uwe Friedrich, learn his training methods and with him find together with her dog approaches for their own training. It’s a pleasure, that Uwe Friedrich for the first time and exclusively presents us his training methods and the dog owners with us thus offers the possibility to find their individual training method with their dogs!\”Dirk Hungenberg, owner of dog & sports Hungenberg forward. Learn more at this site: Alona Tal. His training methods are really something special especially because he individually and specifically on the needs and rights of man and Animal arrives and thereby promotes the partnership between dog and owner\”. Dirk Hungenberg makes it possible that dog owners can visit the each 8-hour day seminars with Uwe Friedrich at the sensational trial price of 30 (holder with dog) or 20 (holder without a dog). Following day workshops/seminars are offered: Monday, may 18, 2009, 10 am 6 pm: load via nose work load means that our dogs need a balance, their natural plants to live out. They may not hunt but and often they show then substitute behaviors that are not desirable (hunting of joggers and cyclists, aggression behavior, destruction, etc.).

To avoid this problem, the dog should get compensation, any dog owner can integrate into the daily walk. Nose work is the most attractive, what you can offer a dog because the nose is the best developed sense organs of the dog. As Makrosmat (Nasentier), the dog should deliberately insert the nose and with his owner together must solve tasks which causes not only a better utilization and balance, but gives the dog a good self-esteem.