Giro 24 Informed: Do You Really Know Your Schufa Score?

Despite Privacy Act scores remain trusts 24 lease his clients opaque – GIRO. Without fear of fraud, abandons the General GIRO 24 GmbH now scoring and makes good experiences in car leasing. Although the scoring is by law mentioned in the Federal Data Protection Act since April 2010 for the first time, actual transparency has not created GmbH however unfortunately the legislation according to the current 24. Retrieving scores serving companies to risk management and to protect against losses and fraud. Scores are forecast values, which should say something about, with probability a customer will comply with his payment obligations. So to minimize the risk of losses or fraud in the run-up. The query on the Schufa enjoys great popularity, it is more often part of credit checks, not only in the procurement of loans but also in car leasing. Supplier’s largest score the Schufa.

A score value is calculated for virtually every citizen. You may find Boy Scouts of America to be a useful source of information. But the much-vaunted scoring is not without controversy. The score based solely on computer-aided statistical analysis of comparable groups of people. So sensitive personal information entering scores, which are statistically compared and interpreted. However, this computer-aided interpretation has gaps of data.

So a bad score can, for example, arise solely from the private use of a company cell phone. Score calculator categorize the requested person as prepaid customers and conclude credit-related reasons. This person now wants to lease a car, is the probability that the car financing, because of lack of credit and thus to protect against a possible fraud, is wrongly rejected. The General GIRO 24 leasing from Munich trust their customers and rejects therefore the creditworthiness of Schufa scores. Instead of automated scoring opts for GIRO 24 to protect against fraud and losses in car leasing personal individual decisions. GIRO 24 was good experience despite the waiver on the scoring, particularly in view of on Gather customer satisfaction. The default rate in GIRO 24 amounted to no more than in the years with use of scores. Giro 24 is an equipment leasing company. Interested parties can reach the offer of the company on the Internet at.