Facua gentlemen: I received a great disappointment for you thought trying to users of a humane and independent way but that is what you receive in return an email auto transponder, if a person makes a complaint what you least want is receiving a message from a machine what you want is to receive a message of support and human. The I will tell you one thing, I am not a smoker, but throughout this campaign are doing, does not seem correct, are they attempting with private establishments, that on the one hand, instead of arming both stir with the weakest as always because you’re not going against tobacco companies? (do you know the content that has tobacco to hook even more the smoker?) Because does not say the Government it subsidize drugs for who wants to quit smoking? You are not being fair or realistic, because if they are reported just a little a person in a city it is exposed to breathing 3 times more than what can disturb smoke in a private establishment emphasize private establishment that wants to say that the owner has rights. To finish Lords of Facua always I have been at your side but I see that you guys put chest as all organisms; Better would be that ye preocuparais of the worker, of the unemployed, who does not have to eat, there is where you have to remove chest and face in situations that concern for truth, where you are in these scenarios? The Government has banned and you have already supported it will see the impact that will have this summer in Spain when tourism from outside do not choose Spain as a target, since we had accustomed to tourists to make their holidays without taboos in his country. Nothing more to add to that, we’ll see how many families more you and the governments send unemployment by this prohibition. Thank you original author and source of the article