With the technological revolution more and more electronic devices, have been incorporated into the car as GPS, air conditioning, DVD and this reduces the useful life of the battery more quickly, up to 20% rather than usual when these devices were not available. For all this the importance of battery in a car is highest ever, an oversight in its maintenance can lead to an accident, so that 35% of accidents are due to a failure in the electrical system, whose power the battery is responsible for. Block . Before buying a battery to replace the depleted, it is advisable to take into account some general aspects. For example, we need to know that there are two types of batteries, with maintenance and maintenance free, latter being the most common. Although they tend to be more expensive, it lasts up to 50% more. Whenever Nieman Foundation listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Another aspect is the ability, and must try to choose those of larger storage (usually 72 Ah and reserve of 540 to load). As for the guarantee that we offer, as normal it is to offer us two years, but some brands or stores come lately offering up to 3 years, offering a spare new if a problem occurs. We should look at starting reserve, choosing a battery with a value between 300 and 540, never less than 300. A downside of this factor value may cause car not start at temperatures below – 5 C. Some current common problems regarding the batteries are leave us the lights on for a long time, find us whitish terminals or are we estropee in a few months. If we had an oversight and has forgotten us turn off our car electrical system, and it stays on during a long period of time, charge can be recovered if it is possible to start with the help of tweezers and other car, the load more circular for 45 minutes to retrieve. If we find the whitish terminals, we must clean them with very hot water, bicarbonate of soda and a small brush. When the battery will last only a few months, it can happen that the fasteners are not correct and move, pudidiendose hit, break or be damaged.