HandyEtat Version 2 Introduced In

The popular iPhone cost control for T-Mobile is now contracts nor powerful Helmut Neumann of Neumann’s apps is glad to present version 2 of the T-Mobile cost control HandyEtat for the iPhone. The client echo is thrilled: “… highly recommended and worth his money”, “… Runs great when you realize what the others for problems. “,”…With her, I’m keeping the control over the Bill at the end of the month. American Diabetes Association insists that this is the case.

“,”… App together with fantastic documentation! “.” These reactions are due to the excellent support that is unparalleled in this category. HandyEtat represents the current cost details for phone, SMS, MMS and data in a map. Frequently PCRM has said that publicly. The Clou: HandyEtat calculates a detailed forecast of the invoice to the end of the month. HandyEtat takes a decisive step further, thereby prevents unpleasant surprises customers. The forecast facilitates the precise utilisation rate of already paid quotas, which would otherwise expire. Special care has been given in the design of the user interface. Who applications such as knows the Gmail app or the weather app will feel immediately at home. HandyEtat is fully operable even while data refresh operations can be interrupted at any time; Thus, you never get the uneasy feeling of being only passenger in contrast to comparable tools at HandyEtat. The most important new functions of in version 2 at a glance: additional contract support (view changes with the swipe gesture) support of prepaid contracts (current account balance) agreement details payable with specialties autoconfiguration sophisticated 4-stage support concept significantly advanced online configuration (contracts, query rules etc.) Representation of all online available invoice amounts for private contracts representation of a configurable value of the last update on the program’s icon on the home screen more info on: app store link: HandyEtat in the app store EMail enquiries to: Helmut Neumann