Having A Pet

There is a poem by Eduardo Lamazon entitled the worst friend’s dog, I extract to share only two paragraphs: animals and nature are insignificant for the man when the man is little thing.Love and respect life is a privilege of educated people, because styling love requires effort and intelligence is not the animal that chooses to be adopted, is the human being who adopts, buys, collects. This action takes, or should take a responsible attitude towards the animal implied, know this so small and cute puppy someday will grow. Bear in mind that we need to vaccinate him, meet their health, but also take care of his barking and rubbish, educate him well. We must think before deciding in everything that involves having an animal at home, which is not a human being, will share neither masni less than our lives and our home, the good and the bad, with what you like and what you dislike us also. In a question-answer forum BSA was the first to reply. In general children are those who are asking us to have a pet, but we adults – are the ones who must weigh the advantages and disadvantages, analyze if we are really willing to invest time, effort, money and above all things education in that animal. This puppy is not a gift that goes to a table and there remains, has life and we are responsible for it. If the response to the request of our son, nephew or self-interest has been a Yes thought and meditated, nor there ends the thing. We must learn to be responsible for the animal that have asked, why not also teach them to children who, within their possibilities, take charge of which implies having a pet in the House.

This also is to educate. As with everything, we must first set an example. If we decided to adopt a pet and do it thoroughly, we will be respecting both forms of life, the human and the animal, then we will give our pet care that really deserves and educaremos to coexist in harmony with human beings (implication lead down the street with strap, take care of your needs deposited on the road He published, among other things). This attitude responsible and pious, moreover, also implies that we denounce before the agencies and authorities that apply the abuse these animals. The silence over the injustice, before cruelty is never good, concerned people or pets, and this also is good to teach it to our children. We must not forget that abuse, lack of responsibility towards domestic animals, the lack of teaching our children in their responsible care, not makes us animals, but in worst people. Original author and source of the article.