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Teodulo Lopez Melendez: This requires the formation of a “parallel government” * If no one takes steps may have to form a government in exile writer Teodulo Lopez Melendez considers necessary to form a “parallel government” to monitor this regime. He argues that the events of recent weeks show the lack of a backbone to tell the country one direction, as demonstrated by intermittent and disconnected operations in the province and in Caracas. “Having regard to the plight of the country,” he says with conviction, “the institutional collapse of basic public services, proven over and over again the ineptitude of this government to serve the national community even their basic needs and its repressive vocation to be obvious, is necessary to form teams to give concrete answers and clear policy. Melendez Lopez recalls the constant complaint of Venezuelans in the absence of concrete proposals and repeated demonstration anxiety is only one way to keep election in September while the conditions are not only comitial but very existence of the country. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Neeman Foundation by clicking through. His proposal focuses on the formation of a shadow cabinet to monitor every area of official action.

It would comprise Ministers to follow up: Domestic Policy, Foreign Policy, Economics & Finance, Health, Infrastructure, Education and Basic Services. A shadow cabinet would not be considered as subversive? “For this government everything is so different it is subversive. In many countries there have existed and “shadow cabinet” dedicated to follow the government’s actions and conduct of counter-proposals. – “Have been used as a mechanism of democratic control and as a means of resistance to totalitarianism,” he adds.