High Cross University

Moraes.Juliane Seidel 1 SUMMARY On the basis of the conception of that the acquisition of the reading collaborates for the acquisition of the writing, is intended through this work, to show the relation of both with communication and literal production, verifying the contribution that the reading takes say it and to the writing, showing the importance of the professor in this process of teach-learning. So that this work could be materialize, the accomplishment of a bibliographical research was necessary that counted on ideas of some authors who argue the subject. During the research it can be perceived that much is had that to study on reading in relation the writing says and it, therefore it encloses some different ideas and concepts. Therefore, this research was only lingered in investigating the cited parts above. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Acquisition. Learning.

Professor. 1- Pupil of the course of Specialization: Linguistics and Education of the Language and the Literature of the High Cross University. INTRODUCTION The reading and writing is complex areas and including, the directions that if can attribute they are several. Speaking in pertaining to school learning, as much one how much to another one they are on the pertaining to school alfabetizao, that we will soon treat to follow. The acquisition of the reading passes for diverse problems, as much in social, cultural, economic aspects as well as politicians, in Brazil has been one of the main priorities of campaigns of the government, therefore it knows that it brings to the individual the possibility of its insertion in the society. From these initial consideraes that could be analyzed of critical form the relation of the language with the exercise of the reading, its difficulties and contributions at the moment of the communication and the writing. This research had as objective specific to analyze the envolvement of the reading with the writing, being verified its contributions for says and the literal production, objectifying to understand the learning better, in the attempt to think a society that values the education, characterizing its professionals. It is of basic importance for the formation of the professor of languages, therefore it will make possible to recognize the importance to work the reading in classroom, so that in a next future, let us can tell to our contributions and positive changes for the education.