Hodding Carter

How to teach a child to be a smart consumer and do comparative shopping, if we as parents, uncles, teachers or grandparents, are not consumers smart, buy in the first place that we see something, the price that we ask, often buying unnecessary things that we ended up without using? The example is vital in financial education. It is easier to give the child an appropriate response when he says: buy me this or What, if we had previously heard say: I want to buy me such a thing, but I’m not going to do; today I’ll just look without buying anything. The value of money also depends on much of our attitudes as parents. If money is the hub of life for us, that is what we are teaching our children. If children realize that we enjoy many things that do not require money, as well as things that we buy, they will learn to assess adequately the money. Teach the children to earn money, attitudes play a key role again. For example, we are left without a job and we began to send resumes to all parties but did not get another job. Against this result, us depressed and complain.

In this case, we are teaching children that there is only one way to get money: being employees. But, if in addition to sending resumes, we began to devise ways to make money without us, they will learn that there are other appropriate ways to achieve this. They can make a list with everything that happens, like selling things, use our talents to meet needs of other people, put a business, etc. It is important to teach them to generate ideas and we are going to be the most surprised with his creativity. Likewise, promote them so scanned them and carried out. Finally, keep in mind that it is likely that children who never refuses anything of what they want, more difficult to be proactive with the money. However, we can change: us and them. We can learn to say not to some requests from children and invite them to find for themselves the way of getting what they want, to support them in this process.

We can teach them to find something with what dream and matching goals to achieve those dreams with their own effort. As the sentence of journalist Hodding Carter: the main legacy that we can leave the children are roots and wings. I want to emphasize in the wings. Giving wings is to teach children to be proactive, entrepreneurs, having initiative faced with life, in order to achieve their ideals. A way to give them wings, is to teach them to get what they want on their own and enjoy their achievements. Source: Press release sent by vannesakol.