Holiday At The North Sea

Waves rushing outside, long walks along the coast or do you prefer water sports? At a North Sea you must not choose holiday because holiday by the sea, everything is possible. If small foam crowns on the waves dancing, trickling sand through the toes and plays the wind in your hair, then you can only be in holiday on the coast. CBC, Australia shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Center Parcs offers a North Sea apartment in Zandvoort, Zeeland and on the German North Sea coast. Your North Sea apartment you can undertake special activities, such as: diving, sailing and surfing. Port Zelande situated and the North Sea at the South Holland Ouddorp on the Brouwersdam on the Gravelingermeer between the islands of Goeree-Overflakkee and the Ziekikzee of Schouwen-Duiveland. It is one of ex Gran Dorado Park belonging to Center Parcs. This Park is known for its distinctive style, a replica of a small fishing village.

Port Zelande has over 700 holiday homes on an area of approximately 27 hectares, the ideal place for a holiday in the North Sea. Port Zelande was opened on May 5, 1990 under the name Vendorado, which some years later was renamed to Gran Dorado. The Park established a Gran place, wherein snack bar, supermarket, souvenir shop, a jewelry store and some restaurants were housed. Also, a subtropical swimming pool was established in the Park, with two water slides, a wave pool and a Jacuzzi. End of 2002 port Zelande went up along with four other Gran Dorado Park in Center Parcs, much has changed. The Gran Dorado designations disappeared and were replaced by the name of Center Parcs. The Gran buffet restaurant which became subtropical Aqua Mundo Zwembad became the market and the term bungalow was replaced by cottage. In addition to the name changes, the cottages were a Mediterranean-style, the Park received a different planting and the name was changed to market Gran place dome.

in 2006, the pool received a whitewater course of the new generation and one of the longest Center Parcs slideways. The swimming pool was also awarded a larger facilities. To the cottages around more private property was arranged, and some new cottages were established. 2008 Aqua Mundo has been completely renovated. It has now including a log Flume and the spectacular Slideway, the Turbo tunnel, where a strong jet of water infiltrates the visitors on a band through a tunnel. On July 1, 2007, port Zelande could officially receive the 5 bird award. The Park belongs to the luxurious parks of Center parks, the only real North Sea Holiday Park apartments. Center parks port Zelande has some special facilities: adventure factory, with an original indoor miniature golf course in the Australian style. Sailing and diving school. A log Flume of the new generation with three forks, which you can choose various routes, so that it is not boring like in other wild water rides. The Turbo tunnel, a long slide that sitting put the visitors on a big band can, with two pitch lines, where rollers moving forward take the water. Since 2008 port Zelande cottages also features 12 persons, equipped with a gaming machine, hot tub and extra large outdoor terrace. These cottages are specially suitable for larger groups and are ideal for a North Sea weekend.