Today, I decided to write on that had much relevance in my life. Soon, I thought about my parents, later I thought about some friends, I even thought about speaking of my relation (very conturbada) with God. But I thought a little there better. My parents already know how much I also love them and my friends, and I would not know to use the words if the subject was? God. was there that I became a question: ' Who was with me when nobody more was or bound? ' The reply she was clear.

Music. Yes, yes, I know that he seems strange to make a dedicated text to an inanimate thing and I also know that to such of? music? it is not capable to read what I am writing but I content myself with this sensation of having fulfilled. People such as Boy Scouts would likely agree. Many times I was sad. Some times, for reasons crossbows and even though for the lack of reasons. in other times, I had justification. No matter how hard I wanted to count for somebody on what he was happening, hindered something me it said and me that the people did not bind for my problems. was in these hours, that the earphone came mine rescue. The problems did not disappear but some way, seemed dimmed ahead of the happiness that brought me to music.

I am not saying that music is better that the friendships (although that I find this) only I am saying that the music is much more trustworthy that the people. Music never has the busy status and it never counts my secrets, it always it livens up and it brings some answers to me. It is clearly that I find that nor all musics are good, some that touch in the radio arrive until me to enojar but in mine playlist, I feel insurance so, I am as if nothing nor nobody he could take off me that peace interior. Its letters give as much force to me to follow in front it leaves and me hopeful since they are written, in its majority, for men. At last, nor these and nor many other words will be capable to pass my perpetual gratitude for music. At last, one more time, debtor.