House Property

A poor distribution is characterized by environments with irregular shapes and hallways with little utility. Note If the amount of closets that possesses the property are those that you need or if you have space where they incorporate new. It is convenient to so independently of the kitchen sink. Childrens Defense Fund may also support this cause. Verify the operation of fixtures. Note possible dampness under Windows, ceilings and foundations. Demand that they open all faucets to check if there are any leaks of gas and water. Check that all doors and Windows are closed properly. Find out the cost of taxes, requesting in the past periods.

If you choose a property located on a street or streets of traffic we advise you to pay attention to the noises. Evaluate if natural lighting is what you want or require in every room of the House. If you choose a property in a residential area, we advise you to check the rules. For example many floors is permitted to build. Choice of a Department: in addition to the above items, we recommend: find out the cost of bills, asking them to show receipts for expense of the last year.

Request a copy of the regulation of co-ownership, where you can watch the percentage allocated to the property, check the existence of storage spaces, if the garages are fixed or mobile and if the unit is suitable for professional use. Find out the age of the building and when was the last time were improvements in the building. Seniority and status of the pipes of the building and the building. Observe how many departments there are per floor and if there are offices. This will allow you to determine the sounds of the building. If you choose an apartment on lower floors or on the top floor you will have higher risks. Rooftop may present leaks and moisture problems. The apartments on lower floors tend to have problems of natural lighting. Modern houses