How To Raise My Dog

Having a dog is a big responsibility and sometimes we do not know how to raise it and have good habits, the typical problem that makes their stuff at home or shown violent before visits, everything is due to a poor education, not knowing sometimes involves creating these bad habits in our mascot. The best way to raise our dog is the prize by the action well carried out, unlike many people, you think not should punish the bad action. For example:-carry canine pockets treats to leave home, rewarding our dog as soon as do their needs, this reinforce the habit and relate it to the prize, is a positive reinforcement. -In house, we can do that he feels, by the same procedure, give the order, if you feel you are rewarding. -So that a dog does not become violent, there to give affection, no hitting, this should not be done never, dogs are still the leader of the herd, you can be a leader without using physical punishment, being a quiet person, with direct orders and reward for good deeds.

Puppies they are very nice, seem plush dogs, but they are small and do not have any acquired habit, with patience, affection, and awards, you will learn how to make your needs wherever you want, whether on paper, in the garden or on the street, but always rewarding the good actions. I hope this has been of help, I’ve had dogs all my life, it is something beautiful but it is not a game or a whim and a good education will give you many satisfactions. Here you will find a free ebook which describes more tips for raising our dogs. Original author and source of the article.