Iberian Peninsula

Also in Spain speak Galician, Basque, French, Italian, German. The Spanish language is accepted as one of the official languages of the United Nations and the Organization of American States. The roots of the Spanish language goes far back in the Middle Ages in Castile. That is why the language is also called Castilian. However, there are several dialects: Galician, Catalan, Aragonese, Basque, Asturian, Aran, okvitansky and other dialects. Formation and development of the Spanish language originated from the "Vulgar Latin".

In the Middle Ages in the Iberian peninsula were born two dialects: Andalusian and Castilian. Appeared same Spanish during their conquest of Spain, Mauritania. In VI century BC in south-western Europe – Iberian Peninsula – lived Iberians. By the end of the century in these places settled nomadic tribes from the central part Europe – the Celts. Nation, mixed, formed a nation called keltiberiytsy and they talked to one of the dialects of the Celtic language. At the end of 1919 AD domain keltiberiytsev settlement was named in Spain. Living Spanish spoken in Latin. This language was brought into the country by the Roman soldiers and merchants.

So Latin is mixed with the various dialects of the Iberian, Celtic and Punic languages. The result was the emergence of new language, which they called "Vulgar Latin" that is popular Latin. In 400 years AD Germanic tribes of the Visigoths invaded Rome in Spain. However, despite this, the Latin language was still state, he had the status of the language used by the government, it is used in the field of culture.