Impression As A Gift

Often the question arises: what to give to a person who has everything? And the reason – serious enough that it was impossible to do with flowers, a delicious cake or a bottle of good wine. You can donate a gift that will leave with a guarantee of his memories for a long time: thrills. The main thing – do not overdo it and do not put people in an awkward position, so the choice of gifts should be taken wisely. Option One: extreme. Believe that in everyday Life does not have enough experience? That our most terrible enemy – routine? Then the perfect choice – the adventure for free! Horseback riding or even a one-day horse trek. Pros: offers, usually, quite a lot, is from what choose a mini-tour you can go together.

Cons: If the gift recipient is not able to ride at the memory of your gift, he will not smile and wince, remembering the priest beaten off. To avoid this, we can choose the same nature walks, but crew or in a sleigh. Suitable: for people moderately athletic, but not constantly engaged in horseback riding (in fact for horseman riding walk is not an adventure). Not suitable: for allergies, those who are afraid of animals and girls with false nails. Otherwise, you will long remember the bad manicure.

Parachute jump. Such services are offered on most drop-zones: commercial jump in tandem with instructor. The instructor is behind the parachutist novice, so do not interfere with enjoying the breathtaking views and a feeling of flight, but it takes all the jumping and landing guidance.