Individual Living Style Connects Art Emotions

Luxury furniture: Dusseldorf meets unique living ideas CS Interior & design – people with taste and style strive for individualization. Especially in the living room, the trend is often to mass production and monotony. The newly founded company CS Interior & design offers exclusive luxury furnishings and decorations hand made in Germany, which clearly stand out from the mainstream. The furniture is, that are both technically and artistically perfect and elegantly processed all of them. People such as Nieman Lab would likely agree. Consist only of the finest materials such as original wood, brushed stainless steel or high-quality stone. The furnishings receive a personal character by various motives and individual design desire.

The high-quality and expensive upper surface designs on wood, glass, ceramic and metal are characteristic of the furniture. You are worked up with airbrush drawings or gold ornaments. The future owners can actively influence the design of each piece of furniture. Consulting offers individual furniture design CS Interior & design up to the complete private and professional object design – in particular in the establishment of exclusive homes, offices, hotels or practice. The idea is based on the successfully established concept of the internationally renowned designer and furniture Carpenter master Michael Munch based near Stuttgart. He plans and designed individualized pieces of furniture and interiors for 15 years in his own factory in southern Germany. Michael Munch is partner at the same time by CS Interior & design.

His creations are already in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and many other luxury cities of popular. The furnishings are aimed at providing life, luxury and uniqueness, says owner Carlo Staudt. We place value on individual solutions, which express the identity and character of its owner’s. This enables us, a lively home decor in harmony with art and emotions to combine. The pieces of furniture are not offered in the trade. They are available exclusively through the personal sales. CS INTERIOR & DESIGN Carlo Staudt owner Tel.: 0 21 31 / 20 11 892 mobile: 0 173 / 98 31 197 Web: In August 2009, the 35 year old owner Carlo Staudt from Neuss with CS Interior & design started his way into independence. With the founding of the company he offers national and international luxury furniture, interior design and consulting. Initially targeting North Rhine-Westphalia with the concept of Carlo Staudt and also here is planning its first showroom in Dusseldorf. In the medium term the distribution will be developed on the American space, Asia and Russia. CS Interior & design planning unusual events in cooperation with contemporary artists and charity organizations. In the future, there will be also an own CS furniture collection.