Indonesia Options

Novice is to choose Cyprus or Malta – visa country in the future Schengen open 'corridor', whereas even repeated crossing the borders of Egypt or Turkey unlikely to visit the heart of Europe. Age pairs with a rich life, and rather big tourist experience is, of course, to consider options for European countries to celebrate the 'silver' or 'gold' birthdays. Nieman Foundation does not necessarily agree. A good solution for visa reasons and price will be old Prague and romantic Venice. Young is worth in the first place to consider exotic options: Maldives, Indonesia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Islands of French Polynesia. Oddly, but especially popular wedding sea and river cruises, although their prices are twice as trips to the same destination. In cruise wedding options in demand European programs – with stops in Italy, Spain and France. By selecting a country, be prepared for surprises – study contract for a bonus service Suite, because if the tour operator will inform the receiving side of newlyweds, you would expect the sea of compliments. You can settle into a more expensive room at no additional cost, decorate it with fresh flowers and flower petals, to build on the wedding bed canopy of thin tulle or organza present from the hotel fruit basket and wine – the main thing not forget to take the marriage certificate. The number and amount of bonuses depends on the hotel category, the fantasies of host and season. In the five-star hotels must Champagne, fruit and flowers in room upon arrival, excursions, massage or SPA-procedures can be presented, but somewhat less.