Installation Of Suspended Ceilings

Our organization works with various types of suspended ceilings, each of which has its own particular installation. Suspended ceilings with decorative layout of fitting or ceiling, in which the seams between the plates are closed layout width of 10 mm. Format plates 31. 5 * 31. 5 cm or 39.

5 * 39. 5 cm so as to residential premises such size plates visually perceived as more successful. Installation of ceilings of this type is based on the metal frame (Tigi Knauf) with major fixture on the walls and a reinforced frame hangers to the support ceiling. Requires installation of carefully enough flatness profile during installation, especially for the mirrored ceiling, to avoid breaking reflection. In addition to track the contact pressure on the fastener. Installation of the ceiling starts with a wall profile. Further verification center of the room and installation of central series.

From it exhibited other series of profiles with a step size tiles. First of all fasten all the integer ceiling tiles, and then followed by individual lateral undercuts just in size, taking into account irregularities or curvature of the walls. The standard ceiling mounted symmetrically on the main walls, but depending on the design space can be chosen reference angle or abutment. This type of suspension flows allows for disassembly-assembly if necessary, access to devices located in the ceiling space. Suspension system allows round corners and any curved surface mount multi-level ceilings, turning and multi-faceted product. Illumination of a ceiling by spotlights, the approximate amount of which is determined by a simple formula: 1m2 = 1 lamp, power 40-60 WT.