Insurance Companies

Investigation of the chimney with modern heating appliances (especially with the increased efficiencies) have shown that the construction according to current building codes even in the year one negates the valiant work builders. Responsibility for errors inherent in the project chimney, newly constructed houses are completely on the organization embodies the idea into reality. The new modern heating equipment homes, properly installed, saves money not only host, but also its neighbors throughout the country. During the construction of the chimney except for technical terms are taken into account the natural characteristics of the location of construction, as well as the fact that the new generation boilers and provides indisputable high efficiency of 75-90% or more, by lowering the temperature, the yield of products of combustion. Low gas temperature at the boiler outlet (less than 100 C) leads to the formation of condensation in chimney, which is fraught with the destruction of the latter, if no action is taken to its waterproofing (1m3 of gas when burned produces up to 1.7 liters of water).

Brick chimney, built the traditional method, does not stand for long in such conditions, because it can not quickly heat up, which leads to condensation of flue gas on the walls. In this case, the steam condenses and creates an aggressive acidic condensate, which breaks down at a rapid pace brick chimney which may fall on a neighbor's "Mercedes". Given all the factors of environment, you can choose a solution in which the headache for the chimney will not be attending for many years. Tracking the progress of new developments, the second decade, we can give useful advice when choosing the most appropriate project chimney new home and its heating equipment. Hoping to chance during the construction, recommends insuring your health in five or six of Insurance Companies, as costs while guaranteeing the accident should not shoulder the family. The company "smoker" chimneys in the form of offers stainless steel inserts (00X17H14M2) in the existing brick shaft. Information support new projects included in the list of services provided by the company, as well as a full range of specialized services. Complexion modules made products both imported and domestically produced.