Irit Fridman Interview

Blind date: the way to the job interview. I went to the page, I put my data, who I am, that I do in my life, how many years I have and more. Look, I searched and found something that I liked. I rushed, stop all data, my name, phone, email… When they called me and when you hear the phone ring, I ran and very nervous attending the first ring. On the other side answered me, Hello, how are you?, just leave your details on the website. Despite the excitement I tried to listen to what I said to answer properly.

Nerves betrayed me and I began to stammer until I sobrepuse me. We set up an interview. I started to organize me one hour before. I washed, I peine, I put perfume and search by 42 minutes the proper clothing to dress me, something elegant, white, black, Brown nor. Then the makeup, well one after another, passed thousands of thoughts, by anxiety and nerves of being chosen. Already on the way thought: I elect? Love what I do offer? do and if tells me that not? I finally got to the place, I met him face to face, and to start the interview arose that nervous cough that always manifests itself under stress. My feeling was already outside the interview having lost ten kilos. Now as more relaxed, I ask myself: by what so many nerves by this meeting?.

How many times happened to them then a long job search were found with a proposal that moved them much? Both ceased to be yourselves, your hands transpiraban, words not flowed, and the only opportunity they had to leave a good impression of slid which water between the fingers much frustration! Is what the difference between a blind date and a job interview? Why it costs us put all the cards on the table and be who we are? When we go to an interview, stress, not knowing that tell, ask, the difficulty in focus are manifestations that we all feel alike. Us we all do the same questions and the same situations. But Although we encounter fears and we always nervous we can improve the way in which we present ourselves in an interview. How you achieve this? Must be removed by Internet company data where you want to work, to know its services, clients, suppliers, etc. When the interviewer asks what we know of the company, we will have information and that will put us in a place more serious and professional. It is always convenient to receive help from professionals in the field. You can get it through SER1ARGENTINA, with them may prepare and anticipate difficulties, review what should not be said or done before losing the opportunity. They will guide you so that you arrive very well armed for the moment. The training prior to the interview will allow you to feel more secure and quiet. We at SER1 will help you to leave that meeting successful.