It Is Sidhe

Icy blizzards of winter in the French countryside make highlight even more colorful absence of precious flowers, each year flooded valleys and mountains with their exquisite perfumes, and, as it is never (or will) the exception, all expect with excitement. When the last tear of ice disappears with the arrival of spring, the entire city will be reborn in a wonderful picture, full of life and joy. Children coming out to play on the walks, veteran smiling (with that laugh, always full of so much experience) to see fulfilled one more year in this world so rare, and girls wishing one more Sun sunset accompanied by his always faithful admirers and lovers; and to end, what da? If we will be enjoying the eternal city of love. More, is not enough to only imagine it. Me muero de ganas to make reality the many desires of passionate Parisian people. But hardly it is winter.

And missing three months, if not more, are to begin. As much as you want I can not do all the work, even if you have a Army of a thousand fauns, none dare to corrupt the perhaps too strict rules that have been imposed on us to be happy. But I will try to see the positive side of this entristecedor case: I can relax a little bit of the old routine of fairies and flowers, and perhaps you can travel outside for awhile. I’ve always wanted to know exactly what things exist beyond the dark forest. What do people do to be happy? How is provided that they come from visit to the forest look so happy it? I know it! That doubt has accompanied me always when I was little, my older sister I repeated every morning, which, differently from humans, the Dryads can be happy with ease. There is something that distinguishes us from other classes.